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Cover Crop Roller

The cover crop roller is used to terminate cover crops without herbicide.  The blades roll over the

cover crop crimping the stalk, killing the cover crop without cutting the plant or disturbing the soil.  The crop roller can be used before, after, or during planting with a grain drill or row planter. In order to have success without herbicide the cover crop has to be very thick and the field must have had 2 years minimum of weed management in terms of previous herbicide or repeated cultivation or fire.

The Cover Crop Roller is primarily used for organic farming.

Wholesalers wanted.
3 years of manufacturing experience.
Delivered pricing included and 12 weeks turn around time.

The number one benefit of a crop roller is that it forces you to commit to using cover crops. If you spray herbicide you don't need a crimper, although it will save you on the amount applied. Cover crops are the key to building soil microbes, carbon, earth worms, natural tillage and soil filtration. Cover crops quickly build soil health and the crimper is a secondary tool.  If you want to move to herbicide free farming and you do not want to disturb the living soil then the cover crop roller is a great tool to help.


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